Thoughts on iBrave lifetime hosting deal

Posted on: August 8th, 2022
By: Tadeo Martinez

They seem to be good at affiliate marketing

My general thought is that lifetime hosting deals aren’t sustainable (agreeing with one of the comments above) and that sooner or later they’ll run out of money (similar to what happened to MoviePass).

They do charge monthly but if you Google iBrave lifetime hosting deal you can find their lifetime package so it’s not like it’s private or in a limited time only. Anyone can purchase their lifetime deal.

From seeing more than a handful or articles with the exact same content and photos, it makes me think iBrave is really good at affiliate marketing and that’s how they generate leads, but that doesn’t assure me their product is good, and again, by so many blogs having the same content, makes me think iBrave isn’t good since their affiliates are generic and copy each other.

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