Add Meta Descriptions to Products

How to Add Meta Descriptions to Products

Posted on: June 6th, 2021
By: Tadeo Martinez

When you get a notice saying about the missing field description from Google My Business. Here’s how to fix it if it’s a WooCommerce product.
When you add a new product, you go down to the Yoast SEO accordion. And if you have trouble finding it, you can close out these other ones (if there are any), you see the arrow right there.
You know, if the arrow is pointing down, it means it’s closed, pointing up it means it’s open. So you can close all of them to simplify the view in here, and then you can read them or you can also do command or control F and typing Yoast SEO, and it will point it out.
Then you add the meta description. What I do is copy a sentence from the copy and when pasting it into the meta description field, Yoast SEO tells you if it’s good enough or not.
I’ll copy a sentence until the length is just right, it’s okay if it takes you a few tries.
Again make sure to add those meta descriptions as it helps for SEO.
Let me know if you have any questions about that.

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