How to solve ModuleNotFound error on VSCode when installing a Python package – How to install PythonTurtle and tk on venv VSCode

Posted on: February 9th, 2023
By: Tadeo Martinez

Create virtual environment in command line

This is because you need to create a virtual environment and install the package there. Then it’ll work.

To create a virtual environment, run the following:

python3 -m venv name_of_environment

#to activate the environment
source name_of_environment/bin/activate

# to exit of the environment

You’ll see the environment active because it’ll show the name at the far left of the terminal.


Now you can go ahead and install the package using PIP and the yellow squiggly lines should be gone.

I also noticed that after exiting (deactivate) the environment, the package won’t give you the error anymore. So it’s like you have to install while active in the environment and then you’re free to exit or stay within it.

Select interpreter

Press the following to select the interpreter:


Choose “Python: Select Interpreter” and from the dropdown select the virtual environment you just created.

How to install the module

python3 -m pip install module_name

From there, reload VSCode (SHFT + CMD + P) and select Reload Window

PythonTurtle and tk module

Install these modules in this order to make PythonTurtle and tk work. You might also need to name the virtual environment “venv

python3 -m pip install PythonTurtle

python3 -m pip install tk

Python interpreter

Select the virtual environment as the python interpreter, type: SHFT + CMD + P and select python interpreter, and then select the virtual environment you created as the interpreter.


The only problem I’m noticing with this is that the default turtle module won’t work. You’ll get an error that says tkinter can’t be imported. I’m still working to solve this problem.


*This might be solved or it was just a one time thing that it worked. What I’m thinking is that I entered the folder by doing “source venv/bin/activate” instead of using “source ./venv/bin/activate”

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