Learnings from trading week of Nov 21 – 25

Posted on: November 26th, 2022
By: Tadeo Martinez

0DTE Strategy (very risky)

Open the position once you see where the market is going. Use the 10 minute candles to see a trend. When the RSI is high, open a bear call. When the RSI is low open a bull put.

When the VIX is high, the price of the option is higher. When the VIX is low, the price of the option is lower. Because when the VIX is high, the underlying price of stocks will most likely go up, when the VIX is low, the underlying price of stocks will most likely go down.

Regardless of how things ended the day before (up or down), the market can keep going up or down.

Previous questions:

1.) When doing DTE plays, do you enter them right at 9:30am (market open) so the value of the option is higher, or do you still wait about an hour after market opens?

Wait until you start to see a trend.

2.) When a position has reached full profits on, meaning the contracts are worthless, if I want to close them manually, I have to take a small loss as I cannot sell or buy something for $0.00. Do you take that small loss when closing out positions?

This is a personal preference.

3.) What are the chances of selling a call/put and the buyer exercising that contract? I sold a bear call spread on SPY on Nov 22 $400/$401 and the price ended a little below $400 but the call was exercised by the buyer.

The buyer can only exercise the option once it has reached the strike price. Otherwise, they cannot.

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