Trading week of Jan 06 – Jan 10

Posted on: February 6th, 2023
By: Tadeo Lemus

The jobs report came in strong and there is low unemployment. This causes fear because low unemployment and strong jobs usually cause inflation to go up. Which might cause the Fed to keep raising rates and go back to higher percentage points.

Economic factors

Fed Meeting: March 21-22

CPI: Feb 14

US Treasury: 3.619%

Yield Curve: downward slope

Inflation Rate: 6.45%

Dollar Index: 103.57

Mortgage Rates: 6.974%

Unemployment Rate: 3.4

Crude Oil: $72.72

SPY: $410.98


Top Wall St. economist says ‘no landing’ scenario could trigger another tech-led stock-market selloff

There was a rally in tech stocks because it seemed interest rates were slowing down and investors thought they could be paused, however, with inflation still high and a strong jobs report the Fed will need higher rates and they’re not good for stocks.

Microsoft Stock Upgraded On AI News Amid Fears Of AI Stock Bubble

Possible AI bubble

GOOG drop so does this mean MSFT might drop soon? Would be good to check their charts side by side

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