Trading Week of August 15 – August 19

Posted on: August 15th, 2022
By: Tadeo Martinez

Overall market sentiment: bearish, flatlining, mostly because it has gone up by a significant amount and there’s still skepticism about rate hikes and inflation. My gut feeling also tells me a significant amount of people might start taking profits.

Economic factors

  • US Treasury: 2.833%
  • Yield Curve: downward slope but seems changing
  • Inflation Rate: 8.52%
  • GDP Report: Until September 29
  • US Dollar Index: 106.41
  • Mortgage Rates: 3-6
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.5% (seems good as economy is slowing down)
  • Crude Oil: $86.35
  • SPY: $431.23
  • VIX: 19.59


U.S. stocks maintain gains headed into final stretch of trading

Says in the last hour of trading on Monday the market is keeping its gains.

Walmart strikes exclusive streaming deal to give Paramount+ to Walmart+ subscribers – source

This made the WMT stock jump up, plus, it sounds like they had good earnings.

Dow Rises, Walmart Tops Forecasts—and What Else Is Happening in the Stock Market Today

Almost 60% of investors expect a 50 basis-point rate hike, while 40% expect a 75 basis-point rate hike.

Fewer younger people say they are investing in the stock market — as inflation eats into their savings

  • The stock market is looking better for now.
  • Fund managers are more optimistic with how inflation is coming down and there are signs of a less aggressive rate hike.
  • Generation X investors are increasing, as opposed to Millennials and Generation Z.
  • DIJA and SPY were slightly higher, while NASDAQ was slightly lower.
  • Mostly older and wealthier are taking up the investor pool

Stocks Erase Gains on Sharp Drop in Tech Shares: Markets Wrap

  • stocks are turning lower as the end of the trading day approaches
  • The big rally we have seen is probably from investors joining into the hype that peak inflation has been reached and things will get better from here.

Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act into law, setting 15% minimum corporate tax rate

Stocks Slip Ahead of Fed Minutes

  • This article says the stock market went bearish in anticipation of the fed minutes.
  • It says investors aren’t sure if the recent rally was simply a fad or if it’s a sign the stock market will keep going up.
  • Inflation is still a critical concern because the Fed has said that they’ll keep raising rates throughout the year
  • But investors are expecting with inflation going down that, the Fed won’t keep raising rates but the Fed hasn’t confirmed so it’s just a sentiment.
  • Chris Verrone has reason to believe that the market going up is just a fad and will soon come back down. Because there’s no data to support that the Fed will pivot.
  • depending on how hawkish the fed is, it can put a pause to the recent rally.
  • BBBY meme stock is still having price action

Is the Bear Market Over? Here’s What to Watch.

  • With the stock market going up so much, is the bear market over?
  • According to article the 50 day moving of SPY dictates a bull market trend.

Trading strategies

Here are the different strategies that can be used and in what sentiment.

  • Rolling
  • Covered Call
    • when being bullish, but not too much
  • Leap option
    • when being bullish
  • Call spread
    • when being bearish
  • Put spread
    • when being bullish
  • Strangle
    • when there’s stability, flatlining
  • Straddle
    • when there’s stability, flatlining
  • Shorting
    • when being bearish
  • Buying stocks
    • when being bullish


  • How to close positions with a LMT to make maximum profits?
  • When to know when to buy a stock instead of buying a put spread/naked?
    • Since they’re both done when you’re bullish, what’s the difference between doing one over the other?
    • It’s my understanding that a naked/spread put is more “safe” than buying the stock directly but what’s another benefit?
  • Why does the 50-day moving average of SPY dictate a bull market?


I entered a 408/398 bull put for SPY even tho I believe there’s a short bear sentiment because by expiration date, I expect SPY to go back up. The only mistake I made is that I should’ve chosen a further out expiration date as September 16 is coming soon.

My SPY 437/447 bear call is negative about -$600 because it has gone down, but it’s still higher than when I entered the trade. I don’t think it will become profitable by expiration date but I also don’t think it will go higher than the lower strike price.

AAPL and COST are also negative by about -$500 with expiration date of September 16th, but I also don’t think they will become profitable before then nor go higher than the lower strike price.

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