Add Donation Link With Square

First you have to be logged in your Square account. Follow the simple steps provided in the video and in couple of minutes you’ll learn.

Add Donation Link with a Simple Click!

Posted on: April 19th, 2021
By: Tadeo Martinez

To create a donate link with square, what you do is you follow the link:…

Make sure you’re logged in, into your square account. Once you’re in here, if you have one already, just go over to create checkout link and scroll down, to see the options, “Select” , “Accept donation”.

You can name donation, whatever you want, add a description, or amount. You can add an image and you can also make it a recurring payment.

They charge you a little bit more for recurrent payments. You can also set a donation goal to tell people: “Hey, we need $2,000 by this date!”. And then you create. You click on “Create link” and it’ll give you the link. And then you can also share this one.

And if you click it seems like you can edit if you want to go back and change anything about it.

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