How To Show Channel Related Videos In YouTube iFrame

Posted on: July 20th, 2021
By: Tadeo Martinez

Quick note

If there’s already a query parameter (?) in the URL, you will add the rel=0 parameter with &, like this:

Customize your channel’s videos with this frequently used preference.

STEP 1: Copy your Embed Video

Go to the video you want to embed and copy the code for the iframe!

STEP 2: Paste the iFrame Code

In my case, I’m using WordPress with specific ACF set up on each page, so I’ll paste it in “Video” under “Body”

Where you paste the code depends on the theme you’re using.

STEP 3: Add “?rel=0 “

At the end of your Youtube link, make sure you add “?rel=0”

That’s a parameter that YouTube created to show the related videos to your channel, rather than video suggestions for the specific user.

Don’t forget to click update to save your changes and you’re ready to go.

All of your related videos will start appearing as shown in the photo.

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