Migrate Website Using All – In – One Migration

You can migrate your website fast and easy. Using All-In-One Migration plugin will help you do it. Follow the steps provided in the video!

Migrate Website with a Simple Click

Posted on: April 19th, 2021
By: Tadeo Martinez

To transfer a website you download a plugin called “All in one migration”. Once you’ve downloaded it, go to “Export”, “Export to”, “File”, and then it’ll just load and let you know once it’s ready to export. It usually takes a few minutes. If the website’s really big, it could take longer, up to an hour. Then I’ll go into the website where it’s going to be migrated to.

Download the same plugin “All in one migration”. I’ve noticed that these managed WordPress websites are usually really slow. Just click the “Add new button”. It’s going to take a little bit longer than usual. You click on “Activate” for the plugin. I don’t know if you remember, but it said it was 66 megabytes. I think there is a limit. If it’s over a hundred mega megabytes. What you would do to get around this, is you go to ”Add new” “Upload Plugin” and you would add the unlimited extension (has to be purchased).

You can just drag and drop it or, “Choose file” to add the plugin. And what that would do is instead of telling you a hundred megabytes, it would just say unlimited. So, the website can be however big. But in this case, the website is only 66 megabytes. So, I don’t need the extension. I’ve never seen this warning before but I’m just going to click “I have enough disk space” since it’s not a live website, but always check with your hosting provider before to be safe. When the migration is done, click on “Proceed”.

You will need to get your password from the website you’re migrating from, because it’ll delete all the information on the current website. This will take just a few minutes. When it’s done, it gives you two options “Review the plugin”. Click on “Finish”. When you reload the page, it’ll ask you to “Log in” or “Update”. After you’ve logged in, one important thing to do is to, when you use this plugin and you import a website, you go over to “Settings”, go to “Permalinks” go ahead to the bottom and just click on “Save changes”.

You don’t need to do anything, but you just need to do that twice. Make sure to click on that twice. Then the website will be fine. Once the website goes live, double-check to make sure everything is looking fine. Sometimes, sections and styles might be broken, so you’ll need to fix those.

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