Which Platform is Best for Website Development

Posted on: December 7th, 2021
By: Tadeo Martinez

Developing a website requires the right tool or platforms. There are several platforms that you can use for the development of a website. Therefore, many people are confused about the right platform that will be best for them. 

This article aims to explore the different platforms for website development. This will help you understand the differences and make informed choices on which platform to use.

What is website development

Website development is the process of creating a website for products and services. The basic step in starting a website is purchasing a domain name and a hosting plan. In the past, you needed to be a professional programmer to build a website. However, there is various software that can help you in creating a website. 

Before you venture into building a site, you need to determine the target audience. Determine the programming language or website-building software that you will use. In addition, the content and design are very important. 

Finally, launching a website is not the end of it. The site needs regular maintenance to ensure it keeps working smoothly. You can read more about website development here.

Different types of website development platforms

 In this segment, we shall discuss the best platforms for website development.


WordPress is one of the popular platforms for website development. WordPress is compatible with several web hosting services. In addition, it is free, flexible, and offers a wide range of designs for users. WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org are the two available versions of the software.

After setting up WordPress with the domain name and web hosting service, you are ready to go. You can select a template and theme that you can use to develop your website. The choice of content on WordPress is in two categories: pages- static content such as the homepage or privacy page and posts- blog posts which are arranged such that newer posts appear first on the list. 

Finally, you may need to install WordPress Plugins that allow you to customize the website. The good news is some are free plugins that come with unique functions. However, there are several paid plugins too.


  • You have total control of the website unlike Wix’s AI Editor that’s controlled by the AI
  • There are several existing WordPress themes that you can work with
  • WordPress is available in several languages so that you can translate your website to a language of choice
  • It is equipped with great SEO tools that your website needs


  • It may be a bit challenging to understand the workings of WordPress
  • Plugins have a tendency to slow down the site. Updates or installing a conflicting plugin may disrupt the functionality of the site. 
  • You need to keep up with WordPress updates to get new tools
  • WordPress releases updates frequently. Installing these updates require technical know-how. Therefore, you may need to continously spend more to update it.


Wix is a user-friendly platform for website development. You do not need to be skilled in website development to use Wix. Wix comes with an artificial design intelligence that helps you build a website. There are over 800 templates available on Wix that you can use. It also comes with the drag and drop editor. In addition, it offers a variety of useful features. 

Wix is an excellent tool for novices and small-business websites. It comes with the drag and drop feature. Hence, you do not need to understand how to code before building a website. The software has total control over the site, so it is relatively easy to manage. In addition, it has a free plan, but if you want access to premium services and tools, you need to pay quite an amount of money.


  • Wix offers a plan that covers web hosting services
  • Building a site with Wix is quick. The sites have excellent uptime and speed
  • The free Wix plan contains enough features to build a web app.
  • Free SSL


  • Free domain plans contain ads that may be inconvenient
  • It is extremely difficult to take your website away from this platform
  • You have to buy connect domain plan and domain name separately
  • Unlike WordPress, you do not have access to the website files but it’s managed from the GUI


HubSpot is a platform that allows individuals to build a website without any understanding of coding. Templates are available on the free trial, and more are unlocked when you pay for a package. 

It has automation and integration features. In addition, it offers website analysis services after creating the site. The customer service is always available to answer questions.

Hubspot has a free package. However, the features are very limited. Anyone who wants to get the best from Hubspot needs a paid package which is quite pricey. 

Suppose you subscribe to a six-month plan; there are no options to cancel until after the period. Furthermore, there are no options to compare two versions to determine which is best on the free version of Hubspot.


  • It is user-friendly
  • It has SEO optimization tools
  • One-stop platform for all publishing activities
  • The smart content feature allows for optimal customization
  • High security for the website


  • It is expensive
  • Inflexibility of contracts
  • You cannot modify the templates without a comprehensive understanding of CSS
  • It does not support e-Commerce 


Magneto is a unique platform that offers flexibility for eCommerce websites. It supports the building, hosting, and customization of eCommerce websites. In addition, this platform has an intuitive administrative interface. Hosting a website on MagnetoMagneto allows users to work with third-party tools to enhance its functionality.

This platform is security conscious.  The magneto security scan tool performs about thirty security tests that give a real-time update about the website’s status.  Magneto is built on a customizable framework that allows for successful digital marketing. Irrespective of the number of products or orders on the store, Magneto is powerful enough to guarantee a smooth running of the site. 


  • Excellent merchandising toolkit digital marketing
  • Highly flexible as it allows third-party apps and tools
  • It has a mobile-friendly design
  • It is an open-source website development platform
  • Ease of catalog browsing and management
  • Secure website development platform
  • SEO tools


  • Finding the best plugin among the variety available may be time-consuming
  • It is a bit challenging to find expert magneto developers on the platform
  • It may be slow, especially if it is not compatible with the server
  • It is unsuitable for shared hosting


Weebly is one of the easiest platforms to build a website. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it ideal for novices and professional developers. Weebly is a platform that offers completely free services. You can access all the available templates and tools to build a website. All themes on Weebly are responsive, which is an essential component of website development. Furthermore, Weebly offers technical support regardless of the fact that it is free. The plans available on Weebly are budget-friendly.


  • Weebly web hosting services is fast and efficient
  • Excellent uptime
  • You can change the theme without damaging the site
  • The price of getting a domain is relatively fair
  • Managing workflow is easy with its simple framework


  • It lacks the “undo” feature
  • Customization on Weebly is limited
  • It is not suitable for very large business


Webflow is a website development platform that is ideal for newbies and professionals. The templates come in four categories-Designer, CMS, Hosting, and Editor. This platform harnesses the power of CSS, JS, and HTML. With this platform, you do not need to write code. You can use the drag and drop features to customize features to create a unique website. Webflow contains several templates that you can use for e-commerce and business. However, to get maximum speed on the site, you have to pay a lot. The customer support section has several tips that can answer your question.


  • Excellent uptime
  • It has an Amazon web services foundation which makes even large sites work smoothly
  • SSL certifications
  • SEO tools without downloading plugins
  • Editing is super easy because the support features are different from the website content
  • You can use the free plan but it’s limited to only two projects
  • It has features that are both novice and professional friendly
  • No hassle of plugins
  • Excellent design tools that make little knowledge of coding zero stress


  • You may need to study the platform for a while to comprehend how it works.
  • Code customization is limited
  • There are several plans. Therefore, it is easy to get confused, which one is best for you.

There are several different platforms, pick the one for you

A website is crucial to any business that aims to address a large population. As a business owner or manager, you can simply give the job to a skilled developer. However, if you want to be involved in every step, you can choose it yourself. There are several platforms like WordPress, Webflow, and others discussed in the article that can guide you. I hope the information in this article is able to help in choosing the best platform to develop a website for your business.

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