Gravity Forms Plugin Review

Posted on: October 31st, 2022
By: Tadeo Martinez

If you are looking for an extremely powerful and versatile contact form plugin for your WordPress site, Gravity Forms is worth checking out. This popular plugin has a ton of features and can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Every website needs a contact form, whether a small blog or a corporate site. Contact forms serve as a bridge between you and your audience.

Forms are an essential part of any website. They allow you to capture information from your visitors, which can help you to improve your website or to generate leads. 

Forms can be used for contact forms, surveys, or even to create a form to sell products. Gravity Forms is a popular plugin that allows you to create forms for your website easily. 

So, if you are considering using Gravity Forms for your next project, keep reading.

Introducing Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the leading plugins for creating and managing website forms. With a comprehensive set of features and a simple, intuitive interface, this plugin makes it easy to create custom forms that integrate seamlessly with various platforms. 

Whether you need to collect customer feedback, survey opinions, or capture user data, Gravity Forms gives you the tools to build and manage powerful forms without writing any code. 

And with advanced autoresponder functionality and built-in support for payments through Stripe or PayPal, Gravity Forms is the ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their online operations.

How do Gravity Forms work

Essentially, this plugin provides a user-friendly platform to create any form, from simple contact forms to advanced subscription or payment forms. 

With a drag-and-drop interface, users can easily add new fields, customize the appearance and display settings, and set form logic rules to display different content or redirect users depending on their answers. 

Gravity Forms has a robust API that enables developers to integrate advanced functionality and connect with third-party services for even more customization options. 

Gravity Forms features

With its wide range of features, Gravity Forms is one of the most versatile plugins on the market. Some of its key features include:

  • The ability to create forms with multiple pages
  • Conditional logic, which allows you to show or hide fields based on user input
  • An invisible anti-spam honeypot to reduce form spam
  • Integrations with popular services like PayPal and MailChimp
  • Support for creating multiple form entry notifications
  • An extensive API for customizing forms even further
  • Optimization of forms for mobile devices

Gravity Forms Pricing

As of October 29, 2022

Gravity Forms Basic Plan

The Basic License costs $59 annually and allows you to use the plugin on one site. With the Basic plan, it is possible to create unlimited forms with up to 10 fields per form. You also get access to basic form styling options and can collect payments via PayPal Standard.

Gravity Forms Pro Plan

The Pro plan costs $99 per year and includes all of the Basic plan’s features, plus some additional features suitable for more complex forms. With the Pro plan,  it is possible to create an unlimited number of forms with up to 25 fields per form. You can also access advanced form styling options, conditional logic fields, file upload, signature fields, and more. 

Gravity Forms Elite Plan 

The Elite plan costs $199 per year and includes all of the features of the Pro plan, plus some additional features suitable for businesses with high-volume form submissions. With the Elite plan, it is possible to create an unlimited number of forms with up to 100 fields per form. You also get access to priority support from the Gravity Forms team. 

Gravity Forms Support 

You get a different level of support depending on the license you purchase for Gravity Forms. Basic and Pro licenses offer standard support, but Elite licenses offer priority support.

Live chat and phone support are not available; only support tickets are available. Gravity Forms offer no 24/7 support, and It’s only available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

Support is only available for Gravity Forms’ setup, existing features, and bug fixes. In the case of third-party add-ons, the support team cannot assist.


Easy to Use: 

One of the best things about Gravity Forms is that it’s very user-friendly—even if you’re not a tech expert. The drag-and-drop interface makes creating simple and complex forms easy, and you don’t have to worry about coding. Just add the fields and arrange them the way you want them, and you’re good to go!


Gravity Forms is also a very flexible plugin. Depending on your needs, you can create simple or complex forms. It is possible to add as many fields as you need and customize them to suit your needs. There is also a wide range of field types available, so you can create any form you need.

Integrates with Third-Party Services:

Another great thing about Gravity Forms is that it integrates with various third-party services like PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, Zapier, Salesforce, and more. This makes it easy to automate your workflow and connect your forms to the tools and services you already use and love. 

Wide Range of Add-Ons Available: 

There is also a wide range of add-ons available for Gravity Forms, which allows you to customize your forms further and extend their functionality. 


No Free Version:

Unlike many other plugins, Gravity Forms does not come with a free version. This means you’ll need to pay for a license even if you want to try out the plugin on your site. While there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, this may not be enough time for some users to fully test the plugin before deciding whether they want to purchase it.

Limited Integrations: 

Another downside of Gravity Forms is that it only integrates with a limited number of third-party services. For example, if you want to integrate your forms with MailChimp or Zapier, you’ll need to purchase one of the paid add-ons (which starts at $49). 

Limited templates. 

Like many other form plugins, Gravity Forms doesn’t include a built-in template library. The website has a limited template library, and you need to import the templates manually.

Reasons to choose Gravity Forms over other plugins

Compared to other plugins, Gravity Forms offers one of the most comprehensive features sets available. 

Whether you need basic contact forms or complex data-collection forms for surveys or quizzes, Gravity Forms has everything you need to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. 

Unlike other plugins, Gravity Forms offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality that helps you create complex forms quickly and easily. It also gives you a wide range of styling and HTML control, so you can fully customize your forms to suit your needs.

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