How and Where It All Started

I love coding websites, I find it the best and most fun puzzle of my life. Once I knew I can code, there wasn’t going back to doing anything else. Let me tell you a little about how I got started, where I am at right now and where I’m heading in the future.

I’m really dedicated and passionate about work. Always striving to get better and helping those around me. I’m always learning and getting better, month to month. I’m a true believer that if you aren’t getting better then you’re getting worse. So I work hard on always getting better.

The Beginning

August 2016

I was scrolling through Facebook when I ran into a Shopify AD. I had never even noticed an AD before. This one was different. It was talking to me personally. I just had to click on it to learn more.

Learning First Concepts

August 2016 - July 2017

Now that I got introduced to this idea that I can make $1000/day online, I can’t get it out of my head. However, as the days went by, I was going deeper into the rabbit hole of an online frenzy that had been going on for years.

Putting It Into Action

July 2017 - December 2018

I got an internship that turned into a recurring gig where I was able to work on websites everyday and learned so much about development, design, and talking to clients on a daily basis.

So what have I been doing since 2016?

First, I got started with creating my Shopify store to drop ship products from China. From there, I moved on to “Affiliate Marketing” which I didn’t fully understand the term until a year ago. After trying “Affiliate Marketing” I got introduced to SEO. After SEO, I ran my own Google AdWords & Facebook campaigns. Both for affiliate offers, myself, and my father’s company. Fast forward over 3000 hours and almost $10,000 spent in advertising campaigns, courses, and mentorship programs, I’m here, trying to speed up the website development process and help others understand exactly how it works.

Read About The Beginning of My Online Journey

I never wrote down the exact reason of why I got into the online space but here it is as best as I can remember it. It all started on an August evening while i was scrolling through Facebook.

Created My First Shopify Website

Created My First Shopify Website

August 2016

So I didn’t waste time and got started on building my first Shopify website. I installed all the necessary apps for dropshipping. Which would connect with Alibaba and send the orders automatically. It sounds like a genius business model. After setting up with the dropship model I was adopting, I thought I was going to be rich overnight. You can guess how that ended up.

Ran Facebook ADs

Ran Facebook ADs

September 2016

After watching a few videos on Facebook ADs, I got started on launching my first campaign of $5/day for 5 days. The guy in the video said that was enough money to collect enough data to see if my ADs were working. I saw no results besides a few likes on my videos. This is when I first got into the rabbit hole. The first time I asked myself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Got My First Website Internship

Got My First Website Internship

July 2017

For about a year I got no results. It was the same vicious cycle. Research, try, fail, repeat. It was getting a bit frustrating and for a moment I was starting to lose hopes and thought I would never be able to figure it out. At the moment, I knew I had to learn about SEO so I called every SEO agency in the Denver area to see if they had an internship or program that could help me. Then I got a like on my photo on Instagram, (which I later found out was his Instagram bot) from someone that had on his bio to be an “SEO GURU” or something along those lines. I texted him and got an internship that later turned into consistent work.

The Home Money Guide Affiliate Offer

"The Home Money Guide" Affiliate Offer

September 2017

This is one of the first affiliate offers I was truly decided on promoting. Why? The affiliate commission must’ve been higher than others. You gotta keep in mind that at this point, this whole concept of websites is still very new to me and I’m still trying to grasp it.

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Truk-n-Yaki First WordPress Website

"Truk 'n' Yaki" First WordPress Website

February 2018

This website I built for a friend who owns a food truck in Las Vegas. I already had maybe 6 – 7 months into my website development agency, so I was a little more seasoned. During this time, I was building websites with a WordPress theme called, Uncode. It’s very good, to begin with, and I actually recommend using a website builder when starting out but like with any website builder, it had many disadvantages.